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Welcome to the Viking islands!

The concept "Viking Islands - the southernmost archipelago in Finland" stands for the Hitis archipelago, more precisely the area that used to be the municipality of Hitis. The thousand-square-kilometer area - of which 90% is water - consists of 2000 islands. The archipelago of Hitis has an intriguing history and can rightfully be called the Viking islands, since in the Viking Age there was a harbor and a trading place, the only one found in Finland. The Eastern route of the Vikings passed through here.

The Viking Islands is a registered trademark that exists for the purpose of presenting the exceptional beauty and services in the area both nationally and internationally, in collaboration with local entrepreneurs as well as the municipality of Kimitoön. The main project is this website, which you now can see in its original form, and soon you will be able to enjoy in the new, mobile-friendly version. Information about and links to sights and tourist services in the Hitis area are collected and presented here. The Viking Islands logo, seen on the right, can be used by institutions and companies within the area.


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Roam in the footsteps of the Vikings and experience the world's most beautiful archipelago!



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